$720 per month
  • Data from 2011 to present (10y+)
  • 4500+ active securities (NYSE, Nasdaq)
  • Spreadsheet downloads and API access
  • Research Page for idea generation
  • Interactive charts
  • PDF reports
  • Gamma ratio
  • Dark pool volume
  • Monthly billing, nothing weird

No coupons, no discounts

The cost of the subscription reflects the value of the data and the costs that go into maintaining and improving the offering. For what it is, this is very reasonably priced. So please don't ask us about discounts.

No "annual" billing

We don't want you to pay more up-front just to get a stupid 10% discount. Pay for what you want, month-to-month (take the summer off!). You'll get auto-billed once a month, and a receipt will be sent to your inbox.

No soft-dollar, no compliance

We won't fill out your compliance department's silly questionnaires. Nor will we negotiate soft-dollar arrangements with your broker. The data is exclusively on this platform. If you want it, buy it.

Actually, there is annual billing

If you really need to pay by ACH or wire, rather than by credit card, then we'll bill you annually with an emailed invoice ($8640). But no, there's no discount. Let us know.

Wait a minute... where's NPD, VGR, and GEX+?

You may have heard of certain datasets that were not mentioned above. Don't worry—the Yacht Club is part of the Data subscription, and that includes the Sunday note, etc.